Everyone knows that exclusive content is the only thing out there still converting these days.
So we went out and found the hottest girls imaginable, bought the most expensive and high tech cameras and lighting systems available, and set out to produce the highest quality internet exclusive content in the world! The result? Four sites that we are proud to introduce as the flagship sites for the hottest new adult affiliate program out there, HUNDIES.COM!
But we didn't stop there. We went out and asked webmasters what their favorite programs and sites to send traffic to were. We negotiated with the owners of these sites to acquire them and make them EVEN BETTER for our webmasters. Now you can promote these proven successful sites, along with having the option of getting paid per signup instead of revshare. PLUS you will have access to all the webmaster tools that Hundies has to offer on these sites. Taking a good situation and making it GREAT..thats what we're all about..and we are ALL ABOUT THE HUNDIES!

You will find that the Hundies.com stats system is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.
We have a full time staff of programmers who built the entire system from the ground up, and we are always making improvements based on webmaster feedback. We pay on all the signups you send: $35/trial CC signup, $15/check signup and $15/web900 signup. Even more importantly, youll be able to TRULY track your clicks, as our click tracking system has a 95%+ count ratio. Other programs out there track as few as 25% of your clicks and claim much higher, but this is the real deal!

Lets face it. The adult internet industry has moved past the time where any low end overused content thrown up on a webpage would convert your traffic into dollars. Surfers are more savvy, and theyre not going to pull out their credit card to join a site with content they have seen 100 times before on other sites. These new surfers want top notch EXCLUSIVE content that they have never seen before, and they want it to be featuring the hottest girls and the highest quality video. That's where Hundies.com comes in.

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